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Faculty Folio RPT

Welcome to Northwestern’s Faculty Folio RPT system. Implemented in 2022, Faculty Folio RPT is a secure, online collaborative platform provides customizable tools to manage all documents, workflows, data, committees, communication, and outcomes associated with review-based academic decisions. SoC Faculty already have access to Faculty Folio for submitting the annual faculty activity reports. With RPT access, you will see additional left-hand menu items related to reappointment, promotion and tenure cases in School of Communication. 

Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure

Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure cases in the School of Communication are reviewed by various stakeholders across the university. The workflow for reappointment, promotion and tenure case review is as follows:

*Not applicable to tenure-eligible reappointment review, NTE promotions to associate professor of instruction/clinical associate professor

**Not applicable to tenure-eligible reappointment review


For a detailed overview of the reappointment, promotion and tenure process, please review the School of Communication RPT Guidelines, or the NTE Promotion Policy.

Request Access

If you are a department chair or administrator and need access to the RPT module within Faculty Folio, please submit a request via the SoC Faculty Folio RPT Access Request Form. If you are a candidate, you should have been granted access well in advance of relevant due dates. If you think you do not have appropriate access, please contact

Review Deadlines

Tenure/Tenure Promotion/NTE Promotion to Full Professor of Instruction/Clinical Professor

          Milestone Task                                                             Due Date

  • External Reviewer Recommendations           Monday, March 28, 2022
  • Candidate Packet [dossier]                                Friday, June 3, 2022
  • Department Reviews to Faculty Affairs         Tuesday, November 1, 2022

3rd Year Reappointment/NTE Promotion to Associate Professor of Instruction/Clinical Associate Professor

          Milestone Task                                                          Due Date

  • Candidate Packet [dossier]                              Friday, August 13, 2022
  • Department Reviews to Faculty Affairs       Friday, October 14, 2022

Step-by-Step Guides

  • For candidates, view the Step-by-Step Guide for the Candidates.
  • For department chairs, view the Step-by-Step Guide for Committee Managers.
    • Committee Manager—a term designated by Interfolio’s RPT system—is typically a department administrator or committee chair who has certain operational capabilities such as the ability. In SoC, that is our department chairs and RPT primary reviewers.
      1. to view and download documents in a candidate’s dossier/packet
      2. to move a case either backward or forward after a committee has finished reviewing it
      3. to contact both the candidate and committee members from within the system so that email communications can be tracked within the case
      4. to add and delete files from a case.
  • For promotion and tenure committees (including department faculty ), view the Step-by-Step Guide for Committee Members.
    • Committee Member—a term designated by Interfolio’s RPT system—may view and download documents in a case. In SoC this is all reviewing faculty and members of the RPT and NTE Promotion Committees.

Trainings & Resources

There will be three types of training for Faculty Folio RPT. The virtual training dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Most participants need only attend one session but are welcome to attend others geared toward a different user type.

  • Candidate Training: We will host two or three of these sessions for faculty. These sessions are essential to faculty undergoing promotion and tenure reviews in academic year 2022-2023. All faculty are encouraged to attend for an overview of the RPT platform. Attendance at one or more sessions is strongly encouraged.
  • Chair & Administrator Training: There will be a several one-hour trainings for department chairs and administrative staff members that assist with promotion and tenure. You are encouraged to attend for a detailed walk through the workflow.
  • Committee Training: This training is an opportunity for department faculty and/or RPT committee members to receive an overview of the product and workflow. This will be focused on the review process on the department review and review by RPT committee members who are not committee managers. Any faculty member who participates in RPT reviews is welcome to attend this training.

In addition to these training sessions, the Office of Faculty Affairs will host several Faculty Folio Office Hours through the spring quarter. These are designed to provide hands-on training with ample opportunity to ask questions one-on-one with an experienced staff member. A complete training schedule is forthcoming.