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Faculty Resources

Detailed descriptions of how to add information to the Profile and Activities section of Faculty Folio, along with instructions for granting proxy access to other users and emulating other users’ profiles.

Profile Section

The Profile section in Faculty Folio houses education, rank, position, and contact information imported from University systems of record and where you edit and add other personal profile details. The Profile section is available year-around and edits/additions can be made at any time. Details in the Profile section include:

  • Personal information (from myHR, not editable)
  • Contact Information (from myHR, not editable)
  • Current rank(s) and position title(s) (from myHR, not editable)
  • Work experience (entered manually or imported from ORCID)
  • Degrees (entered manually or imported from ORCID)
  • Awards and Honors (entered manually)
    • Academy Memberships
    • Awards (including student/advisee/mentee awards)
    • Honors (including student/advisee/mentee honors)
  • Professional Licensures & Certifications
  • Military Experience
  • Rank and Promotion History (from myHR, not editable)
  • Biography (entered manually; freeform narrative)
  • Interests (entered manually; freeform narrative)

Activities Section

The Activities section in Faculty Folio houses academic and scholarly works achieved during your career at Northwestern. This section is available year-round, and only 2020 data is required for the current activity cycle. In the future, you can record your activities as they occur and minimize the data entry required during the annual activity collection period. Details of the Activity section include:

  • Current CV (upload, Word or PDF format)
  • Teaching (from CAESAR, not editable)
  • Research and Independent Study Course Registrations (from CAESAR, editable if students are missing)
    • Students enrolled in 399 or 499 courses for which you are the instructor of record
    • Other students enrolled in your independent study or research classes
  • Service to Northwestern (entered manually)
    • Institutional Committees
    • Leadership or other service roles
    • Other Northwestern Service
  • Service External to Northwestern or to the Profession or Field (entered manually)
    • Committees for Prizes, Awards, and Medals
    • Community Outreach
    • Conferences Organized
    • Congressional Hearings/Legislative Testimonies
    • Evaluation Committees for Other Institutions
    • Service to Professional Organizations
    • Tenure/Promotion Letters
    • Other Service
  • Peer Review (entered manually)
    • Conference Submission Reviews
    • Editorial Work for Journals
    • Grant Proposal Reviews
    • Manuscript Reviews
    • Works Evaluated
    • Other Peer Review
  • Advising and Mentoring (imported from GSTS and CAESAR, but editable to include undergraduates or missing/incomplete data)
    • Undergraduate advising
    • Graduate advising
    • Postdoctoral advising
    • Dissertation committee or chair
    • Prospectus committee or chair
    • Qualifying exam committee or chair
    • Master’s committee
    • Other advising or mentoring
  • Scholarly and Creative Works (entered manually or imported from a data source)
    • Artistic Performances, Productions, and Publications
    • Books
    • Case Studies
    • Chapters
    • Commentaries
    • Conference Presentations (Talks)
    • Conference Presentations (Posters)
    • Conference Proceedings
    • Educational Materials
    • Encyclopedia Entries
    • Exhibitions
    • Invited Talks
    • Journal Articles
    • Media Works
    • Scholarly Reviews
    • Technology
    • Other Creative Works
    • Other Scholarly Works
  • Grant Proposals (imported from InfoEd, editable)
  • Grant Awards (imported from InfoEd and OARD, editable)
  • Patents and Intellectual Property (imported from INVO, not editable, but you can add additional entries)
    • Disclosures (inventions)
    • Patent Applications
    • Patents
    • Intellectual Property

Emulation and Proxy Access

Northwestern Faculty Folio gives you the ability to have others access your portfolio and enter activities and profile information on your behalf. Some access will be automatically granted on a positional basis (e.g. department chair or dean’s office); other access can be granted individually.

Grant Proxy or Emulation Access

  1. Navigate to “Account Access” in the left-hand menu
  2. Select “Add”
  3. Select the “Emulate” checkbox. It is required that you enter an expiration date for emulation access
  4. Select the “Select Individual Faculty” checkbox, even if the person you’re adding is staff
  5. In the “Search” field at the top of the window that opens, enter the last name of the person you wish to add as a proxy to your account. If you are adding a proxy access for a staff member, make sure the “Show Support Accounts” check box is selected
  6. In order to add the proxy to the “Selected” box, select the individual in the “Available” column, and then select the right-facing arrow in the column between the two boxes
  7. The proxy you selected should appear in the “Selected” box
  8. At the bottom of the window, select the “Select Faculty” button again
  9. Click “Save”
  10. Click “Okay” and then you should see the proxy you added in the “Users Granted Access to My Account” list

Note: only individuals in your department (both faculty and staff) who also have accounts in Faculty Folio can be searched and added here. If an individual in your department is not appearing when you search, please contact SoC IT.

Emulate Another Faculty Folio User

Proxy or emulation access to another Faculty Folio user account is available in two ways, depending on the level of proxy access you have.

  1. Select “Account Access” in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Select “Administration” in the left-hand menu (if it exists for you), then “Emulate User” under “Administration”
    1. This method is available for department chairs and administrators who have department-level or school-level emulation access

If you don’t see a list of faculty members to emulate or have questions, please contact SoC IT.