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Faculty Activity Reporting (Interfolio)


Get Started

Log in with your NetID at:

Questions? Trouble logging in? Please put in a ticket at or email


Open Labs

SoC IT will be operating open lab sessions where you can ask questions or work on your activity report and get assistance in real-time. These labs will operate at the following dates and times, and you can access it with the Zoom link here (note: NetID/SSO login to Zoom will be required):


Quick Start Guides

Navigating Faculty Folio

The primary navigation menu for Interfolio is on the left side of the page.

Interfolio Left-ContentHome brings you back to the Faculty Folio Homepage.

Announcements & Help includes links to get support from SoC IT, as well as knowledge articles and training from the vendor (Interfolio).

Profile is where you view and load your contact, education, rank, and position information. See the faculty resources page for more information

Activities is where you record teaching, research, and service-related activities.

Forms & Reports contains forms or supplemental materials requested by SoC. Note: this section is not required for reporting in 2020.

Vitas & Biosketches allows you to create and run vitas and biosketches. You can access the ORCID registry here; see the data integration page for more details.

Find Colleagues is not used by Northwestern University.

Account Access allows you to delegate access to your account beyond those already allowed by Northwestern Faculty Folio administrators (such as your department chair or the Dean’s Office). This section also displays others’ accounts to which you have access.

Getting Help

Use a preferred browser

Google Chrome works best, but Northwestern Faculty Folio also works with Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (not Internet Explorer).

Northwestern Faculty Folio is compatible with mobile devices, however, it’s recommended that you complete your annual activity report on a desktop or laptop computer.

Clear your browser cache and/or refresh your browser window

If the left-hand menu doesn’t display as you expect it to (or Activities and Profile don’t display at all), try the following:

  • Select “Home” (if you see it) in the left-hand navigation. This should refresh the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Refresh the page by selecting the “refresh” arrow in your browser.
  • Clear your browser cache and/or history, or try using a private browsing/incognito browsing window. If you do clear your cache, be sure to quit out of the browser entirely and restart it again before logging into Faculty Folio.

Submit a support request with SoC IT

You can enter a ticket at, select the “Faculty Folio” category, and a description of your request. You can also escalate the urgency level of the request as necessary.

Email SoC IT

You can email SoC IT at soc-it@northwestern.eduNote: these emails go into a general queue and it may take more time to receive a response. For the fastest service, please enter a service request directly at