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Interfolio RPT – Module Launch

Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure

Module Launch

Dear SoC Faculty,
Beginning in Winter 2022, the School of Communication will use Interfolio to manage all reappointment, promotion, and tenure cases for tenure-eligible and non-tenure-eligible faculty.
Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure (“Interfolio RPT”) is a digital platform used by many of our peer institutions for reappointment, promotion, and tenure. This secure, online collaborative platform provides customizable tools to manage all documents, workflows, data, committees, communication, and outcomes associated with review-based academic decisions. Over the coming weeks, you will receive training schedules, guides for using Interfolio RPT, and resources for support. The migration to Interfolio RPT for SoC’s review processes will come with a learning curve, but we are convinced you will find the modules intuitive and efficient. Featured in the launch of Interfolio RPT is a primary module that acts as your private workspace to build your packet, titled Dossier.
All faculty will receive a Dossier account. This is a private account to help you assemble and manage materials for your dossier. Because the account is private, only you will have access to view the contents of your dossier, and it can be maintained for life (without charge and regardless of whether or not you remain at Northwestern).
Your Dossier account includes several features that should make it easier to manage and understand the required materials—before, during, and after any formal deadlines.
Within your Dossier account you can:
  • Store documents, images, videos, and links to online work in your account
  • Request and store reusable letters of recommendation (not external review letters), submitted directly by the letter writer to Interfolio and kept confidential
  • Organize your materials into “collections” for different purposes—for example, fellowship applications, tenure reviews, or grants
  • View institutional guidelines for specific types of academic review processes
  • Reuse previously submitted/assembled materials when participating in formal reviews through Interfolio
  • Solicit and receive feedback from others on your campus in advance of reviews
Case Management
Case Management is a key feature of Interfolio and will be activated for you only if you will be undergoing a reappointment, promotion, and/or tenure review in the academic year. The SoC Office of Faculty Affairs will activate your case and result in an email notification. Details on case management and workflow will be released as we continue to implement Interfolio RPT in SoC.
There will be no shortage of information and resources available to you as we launch Interfolio RPT, including trainings, working sessions, and access to Interfolio tools.
If you have questions or concerns regarding implementation of Interfolio RPT, please share them with Faculty Affairs at Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
E. Patrick Johnson
Dean, School of Communication
Annenberg University Professor
Bonnie Martin-Harris
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Alice Gabrielle Twight Professor